About Us

About Us

Meet Our Friendly Professional Staff
Jaster Media is a family owned and operated group of highly creative professionals. Our core group (listed below), combined with a vast network of industry specialists assures you will receive top quality products and services.

andrewAndrew Jaster
Manager, Artist, Designer, Programmer

    Business Administrator
    Art Director
    Fine Artist
    Graphic Designer
    Programmer Analyst
    Network Systems Specialist
    Audio & Video Engineer
    Game Designer
    Music Writer/Performer

patPatricia Jaster
Artist, Illustrator, Professional Instructor

    Educator: Graphic / Fine Arts, over 35 years
    Instructor: public / private, Universities & Colleges.
    Exhibitions: commercial, commissioned & personal works.
    Creative visualize, designer, Illustrator, layout, major retailers  

      (USA, Canada, Overseas).
    TV Graphics; founding member, graphics, C-Jay TV, Mb.
    Fashion Illustration
    Art director
    Printing, production, & publishing industry.
    Promotional and literary communications material
    Stage sets, costume design, storyboards, ad campaigns.
    Computer Graphics
    State-of-the-art "Color Theory" seminars in USA, Canada, Overseas.
    Design & production of teaching / learning aids
    Commissioned workshops
    Graduate U of Mb, School of Fine Arts

    Book Illustrations

edEd Jaster
Artist, Illustrator, Professional Instructor

    University Graduate of Fine Arts
    Art & Graphic Design Instructor: public & private
    Art director, design architect
    Printing, production, & publishing industry
    Interior Designer

Monique Jaster
Public Relations, Creative Department

    Creative Design
    Music Orchestration
    Costume & Set Design/Production

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